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    Please Take the Time to Read Before Applying

    Ok so.. as you may know we are one of the top raiding guilds on the realm. Lately i have been seeing alot of application from people with full blue gear on... wrong specs wrong glyph's wrong reforging enchants missing all sorts of terrible things really. So here's a few things you may want to know before applying

    1: We are not here too boost people for gear so dont apply in full blues and expect to get in, buy BoE epics and do a bit of raiding farm vp and get atleast 2 set, get epics from rep ect atleast make some effort please.

    2: Do some theorycrafting before you fill in the app form make sure your spec is correct you have the rite gemming enchanting ect.. we have some of the best players on the realm with excellent thoerycrafting knowledge who look at your apps and if something is wrong and you dont have a good reason for it then your probs not gonna get in.

    3: Please log out in your main pve spec and gear cause if you log out in pvp gear then we cant look at your gear and see how you gem and reforge ect this will end up pro longing your app and also waste our time wich we dont like very much.

    4: take some time and make some effort in your app because if you put no effort into your app then what can we expect of you in raids hmm? answer questions clearly try not to make spelling mistakes and dont babble on about crap that is irrelivent we dont want your life story.

    5: If you do happen to get in the guild we expect you to have high attendance be on time ready and prepared for raid and outside summoning us when we do invites, only core raiders get to slack and thats cause we have earned the rite to do so.

    hope this was helpful <3


    ps: if anyone has anything to add please do so.
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